Wijnjaar 2018 door Lorenz Haas

Talentvol, jong en bekroond wijnmaker Lorenz Haas van Weingut Allram analyseerde 'zijn' wijnjaar 2018. Wat gebeurde er allemaal in de Oostenrijkse wijngaarden en hoe is de familie Allram omgegaan met de extreme weerstypes die over de wijnstokken heen raasden? Hoe ziet wijnjaar 2018 er tot nu toe uit: 

Cold & wet winter: The year started rather cold and we got a lot of snowfall during the months January, February and March.

From winter straight to summer: things however changed very quickly in April and we moved straight from Winter to Summer with only a few weeks of bad weather. So basically we had no real spring what lead to a very early bud break. This brought the risk of potential damage from late frost.
Luckily we were untroubled by cold temperatures and didn’t face any damages. April, May and 

June were extremely dry with very warm temperatures. By the end of May the situation was getting critical because the vineyards were starting
to stress because of the drought. Luckily the rain came right after the flowering during the first week of June. The freshly developed grapes now had enough water to grow.

Hot and rather dry summer: So far also the summer has been extremely hot with temperatures above 30° and rather dry. This creates the danger
of sunburn and as a consequence bitterness in the wines. We reacted by leaving a lot of leaves to create enough shade for the grapes. In our opinion this was a very important measure this year just like in 2017 were we face a similar situation. By covering the grapes we guarantee that they will keep their precise fruit and fresh acidity. Another risk the hot summers bring are thunderstorms and hail which can lead to enormous damage in the vineyards.
Luckily we have very brave pilots fighting the hail with their plains. (By injecting silver iodide in the clouds the water falls out and they prevent the hail).

Early and compacted harvest: just like in 2017 we are looking at a very early harvest starting in September. Currently we are looking at the 3rd as a starting date. Additionally everything seem to get ripe at more or less the same time which will lead to a very short and intense harvest.
Since we are picking all our fruit by hand this will be the greatest challenge for our team and a lot of hard work and long work days. But we are well equipped and I believe we are looking at a very promising quality.

Can’t wait to pick the first fruit!